Wilson Mbuthia

WordPress Developer, with a keen eye for design, I excel at crafting engaging anduser-friendly web interfaces.I bring a commitment to delivering top-notch work, complemented by a solid understandingof backend development.Eager to contribute my skills to your team and create impactful digital experiences

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About Me.

Experienced Software Developer proficient in coding and debugging, consistently delivering project objectives through the creation of refined, scalable, and production-ready code. Adept at collaborating within Agile and Scrum frameworks to achieve team goals effectively.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Git & Github, Scss, Strapi, WordPress,NodeJs


Web Design

Delivering visually striking web designs thatharmonize aesthetics with functionality.Prioritizing intuitive,efficient, and enjoyableuser interfaces to elevate the overall digital experience

Theme Development

I excel in crafting and customizing themes for clients, proficient in languages such as HTML, Bootstrap, and Laravel seamlessly integrated into Wordpress.

Landing Pages

Specializing in the creation of custom landing pagesmeticulously crafted to align seamlessly with your unique specifications,ensuring a tailored and compellingdigital presence for your brand or product

HTML SCSS Tailwind JavaScript PHP MySQL Github AWS WordPress


Dejavu Technologies

Company Website

Dejavu Technologies

Dejavu Technologies' website redesign leverages Wordpress and Elementor to deliver a dynamic design. Notably, the custom shop page, ingeniously crafted with API integration, ensures seamless user interaction. This amalgamation of technologies reflects our commitment to innovation and functionality in web development.

Faceshop 254

WooCommerce Store

FaceShop 254

The overhaul of FaceShop 254, an e-commerce platform powered by WooCommerce, tackled plugin update challenges while boosting speed and optimizing SEO. Our meticulous enhancements not only resolved technical issues but also positioned the store for heightened performance and improved online visibility.

Gathathi-ini Boys

School Website

Gathathi-ini Boys

The design and development of Gathathi-ini Boys High School's website were executed as part of a CSR initiative. Built on a custom WordPress theme, the website embodies the school's ethos while providing an intuitive platform for communication and information sharing, enhancing the school's online presence and engagement with stakeholders.

Nyeri Club

Club Website

Nyeri Club

The design of Nyeri Club's golf website seamlessly combines Wordpress and Elementor to capture the essence of the prestigious club. With elegant layouts and intuitive navigation, the website reflects the club's charm and offers a dynamic platform for members and enthusiasts to connect, engage, and explore golfing opportunities.

Aegeus Inspections

Company Website

Aegeus Inspections

The comprehensive website developed for Aegeus Inspections, utilizing WordPress and Elementor, showcases their services across more than 40 meticulously crafted pages. With seamless integration and deployment facilitated by Super DevOps, the launch heralded a new era of online presence, enabling Aegeus to reach and engage a broader audience effectively.

Aegeus Group

Landing Page

Aegeus Group

The development of a captivating landing page for Aegeus Group epitomizes excellence in design and functionality within the WordPress and Elementor ecosystem. Meticulously crafted, it seamlessly combines aesthetics and user experience, serving as a powerful gateway to showcase the company's offerings and captivate its audience effectively.

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